Effective negotiation isn’t about being pushy or outwitting the other person. The key to success is thorough preparation as well as maintaining a cool, disciplined approach throughout. You have to keep your objectives in mind, but it’s important to know when it’s best to concede ground. The average day when you run your own business… Read More Negotiating

Book-keeping Basics

Book-keeping means recording details of a firm’s income, expenditure and all amounts outstanding. Maintaining accurate financial records is a legal requirement, but regularly updating your books is also essential to understanding your sales and cashflow, which will help you to manage your business more effectively. Whether you use a paper – or computer – based… Read More Book-keeping Basics


Effective budgeting can help you stay in control of your business finances. It enables you to work out what the future holds, and more specifically, whether cashflow problems are heading your way. This is when you run the risk of paying more money out than you have coming in. Budgeting requires making informed predictions about… Read More Budgeting