• No-Nonsense Guide to Starting a Business
  • Book-keeping Basics

    Book-keeping means recording details of a firm’s income, expenditure and all amounts outstanding. Maintaining accurate financial records is a legal requirement, but regularly updating your books is also essential to understanding your sales and cashflow, which will help you to manage your business more effectively. Whether you use a paper – or computer – based […]

  • No-Nonsense Guide to Starting a Business
  • Budgeting

    Effective budgeting can help you stay in control of your business finances. It enables you to work out what the future holds, and more specifically, whether cashflow problems are heading your way. This is when you run the risk of paying more money out than you have coming in. Budgeting requires making informed predictions about […]

  • No-Nonsense Guide to Starting a Business
  • Setting a price

    Getting the price of your product or service right is vital to the success of your business. If you set the figure too high, customers will be put off and sales will suffer. If you aim too low, you might create the wrong impression or be left committed to a loss-maker that drains profit from […]

  • Case Studies
  • Case Study : How I Cut My Costs

    Lak Kharod of Heathrow-based international courier company Citipak Express Delivery On a day-to-day basis, it can be tough to keep a close eye on all your business costs. There are so many¬†other things that demand my attention. However, every now and again I make time to look more closely at how much money my business […]