Caroline Murphy

 is a Web Design and Developer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

I now own Blueocto Ltd where you'll find all my web services…    Go there now

I am a Creative

I have attained Distinctions in Graphic Design and studied at degree level in Design, Multimedia and Graphics.
I have a passion for design that "just works" and works hard to please and cater to potential customers.

I am a Coder

I have 6 years of website coding under my belt, working on local and national clients such as Fiat and Blackberry.
I have worked both internally and externally with design agencies, as well as my own lovely clients.

I am Conscientious

I enjoy working on projects where I am just as excited about the end result as the client.
I believe that if a project is to be done, it must be done well, and I endeavor to improve and learn new things with each one. I like to think myself as neat, organised and systematic in my approach.

My latest projects…